Diploma In Architecture & Interior Design Technology

Diploma In Architecture & Interior Design Technology

At Present architecture and Interior Design both words are very popular to us. But Question is, what is architecture? Architecture is the technique art and of designing, structure or building, as esteemed from the skills related with construction. Both practical and expressive requirements are practice of architecture is employed to fulfill, and thus it serves both functional and elegant ends. Although these two sectors are important, they cannot be separated, and the relative weight given to each can vary broadly. Because every society is settled or nomadic which has a spatial relationship to the natural world and to other societies. The structures they produce reveal much about their environment, including climate and weather. Architecture and Interior Design is most important for history, ceremonies, and artistic sensibility, as well as many aspects of daily life.

What Is Architecture Technology?

Architecture designers are designers that specialize in making buildings. Interior designers work with architects to plan and implement the layout of interiors for optimum consumption of area, for creating spaces for functionality as well as effectiveness. Interior decorators on the other hand plan color strategy, furniture, furnishings, illumination and arrangements. Architecture is the art of building in which human demands and formulate materials are brought to bear in a practical as well as elegant solution. Architecture is an endearment as well as a science and business. It concludes the design of buildings, towns and spaces, while taking account of culture, history and transformation to produce new architecture as a mark of our society.

Why Diploma in Architecture Technology?

Diploma In Architecture & Interior Design Technology course covers the fundamentals of interior design and decoration, preparing you for a career in the interior design industry. Any interior design consultant working with interior spaces must have the skill and ability to select applicable color and style details, as this is the only way to create interior schemes that are visually appealing and logical.

Diploma in Architecture Technology is a 4-year long program and this Program contains 8 semesters and every semester duration is 6 months. Two exams such as in-course and final exam held per semester are managed under the supervision of Bangladesh technical Education Board (BTEB). Nowadays the demand for a Diploma in Architecture & Interior Design Technology is increasing because of its job facilities.

Which one is the Best Institute for a Diploma in Architecture?

In Bangladesh There are a lot of Polytechnic Institutes which are best for Architecture and Interior design technology. Such as, Daffodil Polytechnic Institute, BCI Engineering Institute, Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, National Institute of Engineering & Technology (NIET),Dhaka, Ahsanullah Institute of Technical and Vocational Education And Training, Inspiration Institute of Design & Technology and many more. Daffodil Polytechnic Institute is one of the renowned private Polytechnic Institute of Bangladesh, established in 2006. This Private Polytechnic Institute Provides technical education in Bangladesh with ensuring the quality under Government Affiliation of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). Architecture Technology is the most well-known and discussed subject of Daffodil Polytechnic Institute. DPI Organizes job fair and Internship for the graduates with the industries and business organization for ensuring employment of Students. DPI also organized One student one Laptop Program.

Career Of a Diploma in Architecture Technology Graduate

For understanding this work effectively, you need to have a clear concept of the elements of style and design. So that you can effectively deconstruct and reconstruct any style, making changes and adaptations to reflect the individual preferences of your client. Improving these skills play a significant part in this interior design and decoration course, however the program goes beyond basic interior decoration; teaching you the essential of professional interior design by planning layouts of interior, designing soft-furnishings and lighting schemes, and learning how to communicate your ideas professionally to both clients and contractors.  Architecture & Interior designing is one of the previous subjects in engineering education. The main aim of this discipline is to design and beautify the interior of a structure. There are lots of challenging and good opportunities after completing study in this subject. It is very easy to establish oneself in this sector since an architecture designer can work in the area of Building Construction as a site engineer. It is also possible to establish oneself as an autonomous adviser for the companies. There are also huge opportunities for architecture engineers in the government and non-governmental sector.

Online Admission Link: https://admission.dpi.ac/

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