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Phrase Mix

English is the key to unlocking many of these goals. Phrase Mix makes it easier to do what you want using English. Once you learn English speaking, communication will never be a problem. Also, focus on learning English grammar so that your conversations become enhanced.  

Phrase Mix is a beautiful site that fully examines English phrases. It provides explanations of what they mean and the contexts in which they are used.

The blog section features diverse topics such as how to avoid language mistakes and famous English movie quotes. The tone is warm, friendly, and engaging with a nice undercurrent of humor. 

Learn useful English with functional phrases!

Instead of traditional vocabulary and grammar lessons, each Phrase Mix lesson teaches you exactly what to say in a realistic, real-world situation.

There are thousands of lessons, covering situations like:

  • Participating in a meeting at work
  • Making small talk with your neighbor
  • Answering questions at a job interview
  • Asking a friend for help instead of learning vocabulary and grammar separately, you will learn words, phrases, grammar, pronunciation, and culture all together in each lesson.

Shad Shahrier


Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

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