Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Diploma in Automobile Engineering Objective

The Diploma in Automobile Engineering program is designed to equip students with the skills needed to conceptualize, create, manufacture, and maintain automobiles. Our faculty members at Daffodil Polytechnic Institute (DPI) and our other concern, DIET Polytechnic Institute, bring a wealth of academic and industrial expertise to the department. Upon completing the program, students have abundant opportunities in fields related to the planning, production, and operation of various vehicles, including motorcycles, buses, and trucks. The curriculum covers mechanical, electrical, electronic, packaging, and safety components within the realm of automotive engineering.

Diploma in Automobile Engineering Technology Course Duration And Assessment

The Diploma in Automobile Engineering is a comprehensive 4-year program, encompassing 8 semesters, each lasting for 6 months. The Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) oversees the final and midterm exams for every semester, including question formulation, answer script evaluation, and result publication. Throughout the program, students engage in various assessments such as regular class tests, quizzes, and semester final projects. Upon successful completion, graduates are awarded a Diploma in Automobile Engineering Certificate.

This diploma opens up promising career prospects, offering diverse opportunities in government, autonomous, and non-governmental organizations. Automobile Engineers find employment in sectors like Electrical Power Generation, Telecommunications, IT, RMG, BREB, PWD, DESA, DESCO, R&H, BPDB, MES, DPDC, PGCB, and various service industries. Additionally, diploma holders can venture into entrepreneurship, establishing themselves in small or medium-scale industrial enterprises.

Choosing a Diploma in Automobile Engineering not only provides a strong educational foundation but also equips individuals for a dynamic and rewarding career path.

Career Prospects Of Diploma In Automobile Engineering

Diploma holders in Automobile Engineering play a crucial role within a collaborative team, contributing to the various stages of vehicle development, from design and manufacturing to distribution, marketing, and after-sales support for a range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles, even those used in racing. Aspiring students can embark on this career path after completing their SSC and enrolling in a Diploma in Engineering program, which grants them the title of Diploma Engineer.

Upon graduation, individuals can seamlessly transition into the workforce or opt for higher education opportunities, such as admission to Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET). A Diploma in Automobile Engineering opens doors to positions like Sub-assistant Engineer in both government and private sectors, including power generation, transmission, distribution, the automobile industry, and various departments such as WASA, BPDB, RAJUK, EGCB, PGCB, DPDC, Roads and Highways, Bangladesh Railway, among others. Some graduates also find success as entrepreneurs in the field.

Career Path

Diploma holders in Automobile Engineering have a plethora of career opportunities, ranging from production plants and service stations of automobile companies to manufacturing industries and motor vehicle departments. Graduates are well-versed in CAD (Computer-Aided Design), CAM, and ERP, making them valuable assets for designing companies. Additionally, they can explore roles in transport companies, insurance, and state transport corporations, showcasing the diverse and dynamic nature of their career path.

Admission Eligibility

Minimum SSC equivalent from any discipline with minimum GPA: 2.00 .

HSC (Science) Students can directly join in 3rd Semester

& HSC (Vocational) students can directly join in 4th Semester.( Passing year 2011, GPA: 2.00 )

Admission Guidelines

Students are advice to collect admission form the admission office.

To confirm the admission, students must submit

  • 4 copy of recent PP size photo
  • Main copy of SSC transcript 
  • Photocopy of Parent’s NID Card.
  • Along with the properly filled admission form.
  • NOTE: Students will be admitted for the limited seats.

DPI - Lab Facilities

  • Auto Engine Lab
  • Chassis & Transmission Lab
  • Autotronics Lab
  • Diesel Engine Lab
  • 2&3 Wheeler Workshop
  • Auto Workshop
  • Industrial Automation Lab