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LAD- A device in human brain

LAD stands for Language Acquisition device, it’s an innate ability to understand the language rules. This term was introduced by Noam Chomsky in 1960s.Chomsky believes that children are born with this device. Basically, it’s a capacity to acquire one’s first language. It’s also a controversial theory because many people dined the existence of LAD.

According to Chomsky, the LAD is a tool that is situated in our brain.  But no specific claim was made regarding the specific location of the LAD in the brain.

So, LAD is located in our brain and contains all and only the principles which are universal to all languages. In order to activate it a child needs to come in touch with an environment which will provide him with the samples of natural language. Once, the device is activated, the child is able to discover the structures of the language which he is dealing with.

LAD enables the children to rapidly develop the rules of language. The role of the LAD is to encode the major skills involved in language learning, but with a focus on the encoding of grammar. Grammar is a vital skill needed for children to learn language. Basically, it allows the children to understands the fundamental rules of whatever language they are listening to. But there are many views in disfavor of ‘LAD’. Because, there is no logical evidence of the existence of LAD. There is no clarification what kind of knowledge is incorporated in LAD. The critics arouse such questions as-if all human beings have LAD and it is the same for all of them, then why do some children are slower in language acquisition than the others. Linguistically, it is only concerned with syntax. And, also it is only focused on grammar construction and neglected the social and psychological variables.

Sadia Tahmid Torra


Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

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