Diploma in Textile Technology

Diploma in Textile Technology

In the present era, the textile industry has a huge impact on the economic sector of Bangladesh. But this
place is not achieved overnight. Textile is a fundamental need for humans. We need skilled textile
engineers to sustain our textile industry in the competitive world market. Lion share of Bangladeshi
earnings comes from the textile sector. There are a lot of Textile industry In Bangladesh. These
industries are more than 500 years old. There is a large amount of job market for textile engineers in
Bangladesh & global. At present in our country there are 796 Fabric manufacturing mills, 425 spinning
mills, 240 printing, dyeing, & finishing mills & more than 5500 garments industry. At least 45 lakhs
people are working in this industrial sector. Total 84.21% foreign currency came from the RMG sector in
the 2018-19 fiscal years according to the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). from This sector Our Country
contributes 13% GDP in 2018-19 fiscal years.

What is a Diploma in Textile Technology?
Textile Technology is the discipline that deals with all methods and activities which are elaborate in the
process of textile manufacturing. Textile Technology is one of the popular fields of the engineering
sector. It is one of the highest research fields of technology. Textile Technology revolves around the
garment, fabric and color line of industries. Textile Technology obeys some principles, law and scientific
techniques which make use of development and manufacturing of textile fabrics and all types of yarns.
This Technology also involves the study of principles of science that deals with the analysis and involves
in the formation of textile fiber.

Why Diploma in Textile Technology?
Diploma in Textile Technology is a 4-year long program and it contains 8 semesters. Each semester is 6
months. Two exams such as in-course and final exam held per semester are managed under the
supervision of Bangladesh technical Education Board (BTEB). Nowadays Textile education is highly
populated among the young generation for its work opportunities, syllabuses and many other facilities.
The most important fact is after completing SSC or HSC a student can join this diploma in Computer
Technology course and receive the status of a Diploma Engineer, and they can enter the job field easily .

Which one is the Best Institute for Diploma?
There are a lot of Government and Non-Government reputed Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh. List
of Some Reupdated Private University of Bangladesh: Daffodil Polytechnic Institute, Bangladesh
University of Textiles, City Textile Engineering Institute, Shyamoli Textile Engineering College, Shyamoli
Textile Engineering College, Institute Of Textile Engineering & Clothing Technology, Rajdhani Polytechnic
& Textile College, National Institute of Textile Engineering & Research – NITER, BGMEA University of
Fashion & Technology (BUFT), Uttara Engineering College, Textile Engineering College, Chittagong
(CTEC), World University of Bangladesh (WUB) and many more.

Daffodil Polytechnic Institute is one of the best private Polytechnic Institute of Bangladesh which was
established in 2006. This Private Polytechnic Institute Provides technical education in Bangladesh with
ensuring the quality under Government Affiliation of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).
Textile Technology is the most well-known and discussed subject of Daffodil Polytechnic Institute. DPI
Organizes Internship fest and job fair for the graduates, career counselling, liaison with the industries
and business organization for ensuring employment of Students.

Career Of a Diploma in Textile Graduate
In this modern world Bangladesh is the third position garment exporter. Now there are about five
thousand garment Factories and more than five thousand textile industries in Bangladesh. In Our
Country about 4.5 million people work only in the garment industry. So, there’s a huge job opportunity
and facilities for Textile Engineers. Textile engineer having scope to do a smart job in the following
sector: Textile & Garments factory: Production, Merchandising, IE, Planning, R&D, Washing etc. There
are some Govt. job Sectors: BJMC, BJRI, EPB, BGMEA, BKMEA, EPZ, BTEB, BSTI, BTMC, etc. Govt. Job
(Special): Instructor (Technical), Instructor (Vocational), PSC (Non-Cadre) etc. Other Job:
Dyes/Chemicals, Marketing-Machineries, Accessories/Trimming and Testing-SGS, ITS, Bureau Veritas etc.
After Completing a 4 years diploma degree in Textile Technology students can get admission in BSc
Degree and apply for Higher education abroad. To eliminate unemployment, Become a Textile Engineer.

Nazmun Nahar
Digital Marketing Officer
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute.

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