Call Drops, its effect and probable minimization-07

Call Drops, it’s effect and probable minimization

Call drop is a well-known affliction nowadays. In this age of modern telecommunication and information technology, people are not totally prepared to deal with call drop. This critical issue continuously disturbing the general user of mobile phone by many ways.

Call drop represents the service provider’s inability to maintain a call once it has been correctly established. call dropped or intruded on preceding its normal finishing by the client, the reason for the early end being inside the specialist co-op’s organization. Call drop signifies that the call center’s efficiency cannot match the demands of the customer support environment. Client stand-by time is one more component that is impacted by different reasons, for example, specialist mindfulness and the capacity to deal with the client inquiry proficiently.

Recently statistics show that Grameen phone, Robi, and Banglalink have 0.29%, 0.23%, and 0.32% call drops on average where as Teletalk Bangladesh has 2.59% call drops. The benchmark for the average call drop rate is less than 2%, reads the report. The dropped call happens when your phone gets disconnected somehow from the cellular network.

Dropped calls happen when a call is ended startlingly because of specialized reasons, including an unfortunate organizational signal. Call drops happen due to lacking inclusion, and the nature of the signal, including impedance, network congestion, and organizational disappointments. It happens when there is low or no signal.

Some common causes of dropped calls in cellular Network :-

  1. Any type of obstacles can block the signal.
  • If user is too far from a cell tower. 03.The tower is too crowded
  • Wrong app settings.
  • Faulty sim card may create problem.
  • Phone can’t keep up.
  • Too many apps and Programs may create problem.

There are numerous drop call causes in cellular networks with the majority of them occurring in the Um interfaces mainly due to a lack of radio resources created by electromagnetic causes and user mobility that is handover. Another important contributor to the drop in call rate is the traffic load in which, the call arrival rate and holding time play significant roles.

How to minimize Dropped Calls:-

A proper maintenance as well as some necessary steps can reduce this problem. Some points are discussed here below-

01.Take the cover of phone.

02. Dont block phones antenna.

03. Keep the battery charged.

04. If moving, then stop.

05. Go outside to get clear of obstructions.

06. Try a different location.

07. Increase the elevation.

08. If possible, then try to make wi-fi call.

A dropped call happens when your phone gets disconnected somehow from the cellular network. A user faces various problems due to call drop in the middle of conversation such as disconnection, incomplete conversation, time loss, financial issue etc.

It has become one of the major problems in mobile communication. Phone companies should take proper steps to minimize this issue and responsible authority from the government monitor the phone companies at regular intervals to ensure hassle-free mobile communication system for general users of our country.

Md. Jayed Bin Murshed Leon


Department of Telecommunication

Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

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