The Overall Effect Of Fast Fashion (Part-2)-01

The Overall Effect Of Fast Fashion: Part:02

Why is fast fashion so popular?

Even 15 years ago, when people buy clothes, they have to keep in mind that the clothes can be worn for a long time and its quality is good enough.In that case, how comfortable the garment is to the people and how long it can be used is very important.But as more and more people are celebrities in the social media entertainment world, and not only that, but also the micro-celebrities on social media, the kind of clothes and trends that influence each other psychologically, such fashions marginalized people emotionally to nurture that fashion within themselves.Which is why we often notice that if a social media celebrity wears a T-shirt with a tag or a message, we also think that we might want to buy a T-shirt like this.It is not uncommon for a person to follow a particular fashion but also to feel comfortable wearing different fashions in different seasons.The content plug is one of the few organizations that analyzes various contemporary issues. According to them, there is a strong link between the fashion industry and social media.

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What is the main role of social media in this case?

In the US, over 60 per cent of clothing and fashion sales are still centered around social media trends.

The Zara fashion company is now, for the most part, thinking of ways to bring a variety of outfits to the market, such as the kind of celebrities seen on social media, and not only that, but it should be able to do so much faster than other companies. There are a number of medium-sized fashion company that send out clothes on social media to those who are fairly celebrity or have micro-celebrities, and are asked to publish a positive review on their YouTube channel or Facebook to increase their demand for clothing in the market. Statistically, many more have now started clothing lineups on a personal level and those micro-celebrities are publishing messages if they have a message through their t-shirts or clothes and in this way they market it as fast fashion which is part of it.

The most striking thing about fast fashion is that the fashion moves very fast and is developed very fast and it is sent to the consumer so that the quality of the fashion is not very good and the quality of the clothes is not very good but a message is provided by that fashion.  There are more thoughts to do which are always active on social media. Social media addiction makes people more dependent on fashion and they are more concerned with expressing any message or personality with fashion than with quality in fashion. Due to the above, the demand for fashion is easily met by the consumers through social media and they never think much about spending less money or spending more money to buy that fashion whether they need it or not.  Is done and plays a direct role in wasting money as well as environmental damage.

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