Powering Ahead: Farewell Program of Session 2019-20 – Embracing New Beginnings for Electrical Technology Students

We cherish with pleasure the memorable Farewell Program held by the Electrical Technology Department for 7th Semester students in Session 2019-20. This event was an important milestone in their educational path, allowing them to wave goodbye to their alma institution and other classmates while making precious memories and strengthening their relationships for the next chapter of their life. In addition, we held an orientation event for first semester students, encouraging them toward a successful academic path.

The Farewell Program was graced by the esteemed presence of our Honorable Principal, Mr. K M Hasan and the Department Head, Mr. Md. Shafikul Islam. Their presence added prestige and significance to the event. Additionally, Students from other semesters and departmental professors also participated in the event, encouraging solidarity and shared experiences.

The Farewell Program, with its main aim of providing a remarkable and significant experience, served as a platform for departing students saying goodbye to their alma mater and fellow classmates, generating lasting memories and deepening the ties formed during their time at the institution of learning. Furthermore, it aspired to encourage and motivate students as they moved into the professional world, passing on the principles and expertise they had learned during their time there.

Simultaneously, we organized an orientation session for the 1st semester students, equipping them with essential information, guidance, and support for their academic journey. This session laid a strong foundation for their future success, ensuring a smooth transition into the new educational environment.

The Farewell Program took place on June 20, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the lives of our departing students. It was a day filled with mixed emotions as they bid farewell to their beloved institution and prepared to embark on new adventures.

As we reflect on the Farewell Program, we celebrate the lasting impact of the students’ educational journey at our institution. We have full confidence that they have gained valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences that will guide them in their future endeavors. We extend heartfelt congratulations to all the students and express our gratitude to the honorable guests and participants who made the event truly special.

We wish the departing students immense success and fulfillment in their future endeavors. May they carry the values and knowledge gained from their time at our institution and make a positive difference in the professional world.

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