BSDI Completed a Successful Workshop on “Mastering in AI Prompting”

Do you wonder how smart work will evolve in the future? Some aspiring people try to find the answer to this question. That’s why they gathered for an exciting workshop, “Mastering in AI Prompting,” on January 27, 2024.

Participants in this workshop came from diverse backgrounds and ages. However, they shared a strong interest in exploring the future technology of artificial intelligence.

The workshop is all about AI prompting. Before the workshop, most of them didn’t know about the word “prompting.”. Most of them command an artificial intelligence tool like ChatGPT, and they don’t get any expected results. However, after an interactive session, they understand how to use artificial intelligence for their regular work and get their expected results from AI.

The workshop is structured into 4 main parts. Each part is more interactive than the others. 

First, the trainer introduces the basics of prompting to the participants. In the second session, all participants took a competitive exam, and they learned how to get help from artificial intelligence in their regular work.

In the third session, all participants learned about the wording, tone, style, priming, and conditioning of prompting. Then they evaluated themselves, by taking part in 2 exciting games named “Kahoot of AI Prompting.”. In the 4th session, the participants try to build their documents with the support of the artificial intelligence tool “ChatGPT” and Adobe Firefly. 

After all these sessions, all the participants get a clear view of artificial intelligence prompting with ChatGPT and Adobe Firefly. 

After the workshop, they learned several lessons. Some of them are:

  1. Integrated with artificial intelligence tools.
  2. Communicate with artificial intelligence tools.
  3. Use of ChatGPT and Adobe Firefly
  4. Create all kinds of documents with the help of artificial intelligence.

After the workshop, the participants are assigned to some activities. After completing the activities, the participants received a wonderful certificate.

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