Save Time to Construct a Building (Part – 1)

The speed of economic development of Bangladesh is increasing in keeping with the rest of the world. New business ventures and investments are constantly coming to the market, experienced entrepreneurs are also expanding their operations. All in all, Bangladesh is currently passing through the most important period in its history of economic development. The need for private offices for businesses as a base for large-scale new ventures and investments cannot be overemphasized.

However, it is a very difficult decision for everyone to build their own building or move to a new office or rebuild an old office in terms of time and funding. If the construction of each building is time-consuming and expensive at the same time, then large business companies or groups have to face thousands of problems. In today’s era, fast construction is the most modern solution to the various obstacles faced by the owner in constructing or renovating an industrial or commercial building. Before talking about that, let’s take a look at what are the most common problems in the construction work of our country.


Contingency is a very common occurrence during construction work. Most of the time the cost of new construction or renovation exceeds the predetermined budget. And sometimes the owner is not satisfied with the finished work, they think that the work is not good in proportion to the cost! Even after having the estimated cost calculation given by the contractor, the market price of the materials, all the cost calculations, when it is seen that the cost is more than the initial calculation over time or the money cannot be collected in the middle – then both the owner-contractor parties are in trouble. And the easiest way to avoid this trouble is to complete the construction work quickly while maintaining the quality.


There are also situations where the budget is not a problem, the owner is able to afford all the construction costs, but the contractor is the ghost. Maybe they are not punctual, maybe their behavior is very unprofessional. Whatever the reason, ultimately it is the owner who bears the brunt of the mistake. Especially if you are short on time, it is better to research the company you are hiring in advance rather than run the risk of screwing up midway.


Lack of time is always a major problem in construction. Usually, during the long period of construction, the office has to be relocated to a temporary location, thereby halting much needed work. Lack of manpower, inefficiency of the contractor, adverse weather conditions or any accidents during the work etc. may take more time than the scheduled construction time. Therefore, if the competent contractor can guarantee the completion of the entire work in a very short time, is it not a better decision to give them the responsibility?

Quality of materials

If there is any problem with the quality of the materials used in the construction, it is noticed by the owner months or even years after the completion of the work. After realizing that the project has been done with substandard materials, there is really nothing to do but head over heels. Therefore, before starting the work, all kinds of inquiries should be made about the quality of the materials. And if those who are entrusted with the responsibility of construction, are fully aware of this, then that can be the best solution.



Md. Asaduzzaman Russel

Head of Department

Architecture & Civil Technology

Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

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