Rebeka Monsur

rebeka monsur
Personal Infomation
Education Qualification
Work Experience
Personal Infomation

Employee ID

: Rebeka Monsur
: 50309
: Instructor
: Department of Textile
: [email protected]
: 8801833102802
Education Qualification
  • 1. Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering
    Atish Diponkar Science & Technology – Dhaka-Bangladesh
    Current CGPA-3.73
    Completion Year – 2011

     Diploma in Engineering
    Institute of Textile Engineering & Clothing Technology – BTEB Board
    Group – Textile
    GPA of 3.45 out of 4.00 .
    Completion Year – 2008

    Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
     Motijheel Govt Girls High School –Dhaka Board
    Group – Science
    GPA of 3.88 out of 5.00 .
    Completion Year – 2003

Work Experience

 I have 3 month working experience (internship) in Pride Group (HR Textile).
 Working as junior Instructor at Institute of Textile Engineering & Clothing Technology
from 2009 to 2011.


Computer Skills:

 Experienced in the use of various Computer Operating System such as – Windows 98,
Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Windows 7,8,9,10.
 Experienced in the use of MS Office other software as well.
 Experienced in the use of Email and Internet Browsing.
 MS Excel, Data Entry, Mobile Application.

Language Skills:
 Good command on oral and written communication in Bengali & English.

Special Skills:
 Ability to easily adapt new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies. Dedicated,
innovative and self-motivated team player/builder with a superior work ethic.
 Strong interpersonal, creative, organizational, teaching and leadership skills. Excel in
both independent and team work environments. Extrovert, friendly, helpful, Self-
confident & self-motivated.
 Capable of taking up challenges of any assigned task.
 Ability to work under stress.
 Maintain high level of commitment to get things done.
 Optimistic and effectively handle multitask jobs.