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Can Soft Skills save our job from Robot

Future Skills awareness session for youth

The objective of Skills Campaign

Coming decade will be very crucial for us. Technology or automation is grabbing everything as our expectation is going high and the speed of work is going faster. The most buzzing question is what can we do to protect ourselves from automation. Most CEO's explains that the machine will replace most of our traditional jobs. Everyday technology is replacing our jobs. So the questions are
1. Are we ready to face the Challenge?
2. What can save us from Robot or AI or Industry 4.0
3. How to get prepared for Man vs Machine era of Future
The proposed 3 hours session will help fresh and existing professionals to get prepared for facing the evolution of automation. Following points will be covered in the discussion:
1. Defining Industry 4.0 and its future effects
2. How technology replacing jobs
3. Automation that will change our learning systems
4. 50+ jobs of the future
5. 15 Jobs that will disappear in the next 20 years due to AI
6. How to face the challenges.
7. What can save us from the evolution of Robots