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Concern with equality inclusive learning cell assurance everyone’s learning and accountability.
Learning knows no bound. With the connectivity of the word ‘no bound’ inclusive learning
creates a platform to improve both teaching and learning system.
It is a continuous process not one time event. Both teachers and students are involved with this
learning system. Inclusive learning seems like win-win process. Teachers and students get
benefit with this structure. This process helps to develop students feeling of self-respect, self-
reliant, collaboration and use of modern technology. With this system students have to work in a
group, all the task they have to complete collaborate, through discussion probable problems and
solution may come out and get feedback from teachers.
Inclusive learning cell also create students values, creativity and confident. It connect them with
future link, where institution , families, students and community agencies form collaborate teams
that are committed to a shared vision to support students in reaching with their full potential
goal. Examples are provided of inclusive learning development through shared examination of
goals, strategies, assessment and innovative learning processes and outcomes associated with
incorporating parent involvement in student’s education.

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Ensure education for all,
Peer work,
Regular Practice,
Listen to student first, ask them question,
Increase self-awareness,
Be open to change,
Bonding of teachers and students,
Develop a generative environment with future engagement,
Parent’s Involvement.


-To implement all the structure of inclusive learning cell,
-To achieve mission and vision successfully,
-To ensure inclusive education for all students,
-To involvement of parents,
-Capable our students to implement practically,
-To ensure quality rather than quality,
-To bring-out inner talent from our students.
-To prefer practical practice rather than go-through.

Only we are practicing:

1. Online class.
2. Projector base class,
3. Using Google classroom.
4. Asking Question.
5. Youtube base class.
6. No fix teaching style.
7. Asking Question.
8. Innova class (Creative, innovative, Think out of the box).
9. Engage our students with future link (Update of next class)
10. Practical and Project based learning class.
11. Asking Question.
12. Highlight of student’s achievement.
13. Feedback system (Feedback of class topic).
14. Inclusive Lesson plan follow class.
15. Practical class( taking outside of the class)
16. Use soft copy rather than hard copy.
17. Use power point Presentation.
18. Group work base class.
19. Assignment, presentation, quiz, class test, model test.


As a result of inclusive learning:
Teachers can ensure classroom skill with-As a result of inclusive learning:
1. Teachers can ensure classroom skill with-

Hear, See, >Do & Practice
2. Students can ensure classroom skill with-
Read, See, Listen & Do
3. Our students will work in a team.
4. Our students will learn with growth mindset.
5. Our students will develop a generative environment with future engagement,
6. Our students will capable for practical work.
7.Teachers will use technological base learning system inclusively.

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