April 27, 2016




PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: A four years long Diploma in Computer Engineering is highly valued today, among the young generation for its work/ job oriented approaches, syllabuses. After completing SSC, a student can join in this course and receives the status of a Diploma Engineer, from where they can enter the job field so easily. Daffodil Polytechnic Institute is one of the best private Polytechnic Institute of Bangladesh who providing technical education in Bangladesh with ensuring quality. As we all know that in today’s world job oriented education is highly valued. So, Daffodil Polytechnic Institute wanted to give the platform to the general students of us and started the course at the institute.

CAREER PROSPECTS: Computer Engineering prepares students for a range of career opportunities in hardware and computer system design, computer networks, software engineering, data communications, multimedia processing, and the internet and information technology. When most people think of computer engineering careers, they think exclusively of people who have jobs with technology companies. While technology companies are a major employer of computer engineers, companies in every sector of the economy, from business to government to education all rely on the work of computer engineers. So individuals with training in computer engineering have much more flexibility in their career paths than most people realize. Diploma Engineers can expect to take up jobs in government departments, service organizations such as banks, airlines and public utilities, commercial organizations, and the manufacturing sector. More firms around the world are being computerized every year, and they require personnel to manage them.

DURATION & ASSESSMENT: Diploma in Computer Engineering is a 4-year long program consisting of 8 semesters (1 Semester = 6 months). The final and the midterm exams of each semester is conducted under the supervision of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). All the exams question, answer script checking and final results are published by the BTEB. Besides this, each student has to attend the regular class test, quiz test, and semester final project. After the successful completion, a student will receive a Diploma in Engineering certificate from BTEB.

ACADEMIC SESSION: The Admission procedure starts after the SSC results. There is mainly one session in a year. Students have to follow the admission announcement which is given by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board Authority. Usually, the admission procedure starts after May (depending on the SSC Result).

Fees & Scholarship